Abnormal Psych in Movie As Good as It Gets

In the movie ???As Good As It Gets??? Melvin Udall, the main character, has OCD which is obsessive compulsive disorder. He washes his hands with a different bar of soap five times. When he opens his medicine cabinet in his bathroom it is full with bars of soap. Melvin will not step on cracks when he is walking in public or around his house. He has carpet flooring in his apartment. He uses plastic gloves to touch any doors or anything he could get contaminated by. Melvin never says why he is the way he is. He is very rude to people that get in his way or just talk to him.
He puts his neighbor??™s dog down the garbage shoot because he peed on the floor in the hallway. Melvin was confronted by the dog??™s owner, Simon, which is his neighbor. Melvin told Simon he did not know where his dog was. Simon walked in on his house getting robbed and he was sent to the hospital. No one in the apartment complex wanted to dog sit for Simon, so the last person to take him was Melvin. Melvin did not want the dog because no one has been in his apartment before, let alone a dog. Melvin would pick the dog up with plastic gloves and petted him with the gloves on too. Melvin has to go somewhere in town so he brings the dog with him and he realizes that the dog does not step on cracks either. This made Melvin like the dog a lot after he found this out.
Simon later gets out of the hospital and Melvin acts like he does not want to give the dog back. He gives the dog back knowing that that is the right thing to do. Simon brings him home and all Verdel, the dog, does is sits by the door whimpering. Simon is more devastated by his dog wanting to go to his mean neighbor instead of him. Melvin comes over and tells Simon that the trick is he keeps bacon in his pocket. Melvin takes the bacon out of his pocket and gives it to Simon. The dog ignores Simon with the treat and goes to Melvin. A couple of days later Simon yells at Verdell that if he wants a mean owner then he would yell all the time and be grumpy. The dog reacts quite well to this.
Melvin goes into a certain restaurant and sits at a certain table everyday with the same waitress for a while now. He brings his own plastic silverware and plates and cups so he does not get contaminated by the restaurants eating ware. Melvin has been loud and rude in the restaurant in the past so the owner threatens that if he does not calm down he will never be able to come to the restaurant anymore. So he says, ???Ok I will, just don??™t kick me out???. He goes and sits at his table. A day or two later he comes back and someone is sitting at the table he sits at. He freaks out in the restaurant and is threatened again. He told his waitress that there was someone at ???his??? table and she told him that he needed to calm down and it was the restaurants??™ table not his. He tells the people that were at his table something gross and uncalled for. They get up disgusted and he sits down.
Melvin does not like change. He walked into his therapists office and was looking around then said, ???You changed the place around why did you change the office around.??? He then left because the therapists told him it was staying that way. He freaked out again when he goes to his restaurant and has a different waitress. He says ???I want Carol back??? and got loud, the owner then kicks him out because he freaked out on the new waitress touching his plate. One of the people sway ???it??™s about time.??? And the restaurant people were all cheering. He finds out that carol, his waitress, son is sick. He sends over his book publishers??™ husband, who is a doctor, to her house. The doctor told him that Melvin sent him and wanted to be billed for the medical expenses. The doctor also tells her that Melvin told him to take good care of spencer.
Carol was weirded out by his generosity not knowing that all he wanted was carol to be his waitress again. Carol thinks he is doing this to sleep with her so she says, ???I won??™t ever sleep with you.??? Melvin replied back, being smart, ?????¦anything else??? Then he said are you coming to work tomorrow??? Carol replied ???Yes I am.??? Feeling good about getting his waitress back, he brings Simon some Chinese food and they sit around and chat for a while. He felt bad for the dog situation. Spencer ends up getting better, so Carol wrote Melvin a thank you letter for taking care of the medical bills and helping her so much. Melvin does not accept the thank you letter because the only thing he wanted was her back at the restaurant so she could serve him.
Melvin has to take Simon to his mom and dads in Baltimore, Maryland. He invites Carol to come along. Simon??™s parents have not spoken to him for years and he is trying to get money from them so he doesn??™t lose his apartment. While they are in Baltimore, Carol takes Melvin out to a fancy restaurant. The dress code for the restaurant was a jacket and tie. Melvin was not wearing the requirements, so the waiter told him they had some in the back. He comes back with the appropriate attire and tries to hand them to Melvin. Carol told Melvin that it was okay they probably have been dry-cleaned. The host told them, ???No, actually, I don??™t think they have???.
Melvin goes to a tux shop but won??™t walk in the store and tells the employee which jacket and tie he wants. Melvin has a difficult time talking to carol when he gets back and hurts her feelings. He then complemented her so she wouldn??™t leave him to eat dinner alone. Carol couldn??™t resist anymore and gives him a kiss. Later on at the end of the movie Melvin and Carol go to another restaurant. While walking together, he wouldn??™t step on the bricks in the middle of the road. She turns to him and tells him that this wasn??™t going to work out, but she started to walk beside him so he wouldn??™t have to step on the cracks. They walk into the restaurant and while he is opening the door for her, he steps on the cracks. Then realizing what he had just done he ignores it and goes into the restaurant with her.
OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) is an anxiety disorder that has unwanted thoughts, repetitive ritualized behaviors. Signs and symptoms of OCD behavior is double checking on appliances, switches, locks, and anything else threatening a hazardous situation. Signs and symptoms of OCD thinking is fear of being contaminated by germs or dirt, the fear of causing harm to self or others, and fears of losing things you might need.
There are many categories that OCD people could fall into such as washers, which are afraid of contamination. There are checkers, which are repeatedly checking doors. Doubters and sinners, which think that nothing goes perfectly, they are afraid that something terrible is going to happen. Counters and arrangers are obsessed with order and have superstitions about certain numbers, colors or arrangements. Last but not least you have your hoarders, which compulsively hoard things and are afraid of something bad happening if they get rid of something.
The treatment I would give to Melvin is cognitive behavioral therapy, which is exposing and responding prevention; repeatedly exposing ocd client to their obsession. Therapists ask to refrain from doing the compulsive behavior to reduce anxiety. Cognitive therapy focuses on the catastrophic thoughts and exaggerated sense of responsibility you feel. This teaches you healthy and effective ways of responding to obsessive thoughts, without resorting to compulsive behavior.