Intro To Psychology

Intro To Psychology

Writing Assignment: Compare and Contrast
For Introduction to Psychology

I chose to use the article ?Genes, Fears, Phobias, and Phobic Disorders? by Gregory Carey. I thought that this particular article would be interesting because I would like to know about fears and phobias that are pasted genetically. I personally have unfortunate experience of anxiety or ?panic attacks?, and my mother and my sister have suffered from this disorder also. My mother has been taking medication for her anxiety for about twenty years now, but mine was never that serious. I have always believed that my anxiety was past on to me through my genes.

My only problem with this assignment is that I do not really like to read, and especially medical type of information. I chose a subject that was interesting to me, so that made it a little easier. But I do prefer to write personal experience or opinion papers. I did like that we were giving good instructions and that helps

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