Carl Jung (Yellow Wallpaper-Intgraversion Extraversion)

Carl Jung (Yellow Wallpaper-Intgraversion/Extraversion)

Carl Jung attributes two psychological types of human nature as the reason behind our actions and personalities: introversion and extraversion. Jung describes that in the case of the extravert, it is like ??the object works like a magnet upon the tendencies of the subject? (Jung 11) and in the case of the introvert, ??the subject is and remains the centre of every interest? (Jung 11). He admits however that the sole exclusion of identifying a human to possess only one of these types is incorrect. In fact, all human beings possess both personality types, but it is the relative percentile dominance of either trait that determines one?s psychological type and the behaviors associated. Introversion and extraversion, Jung explains, are the primary mechanisms that drive human nature. The nature of Charlotte Gilman?s troubled-wife character in ?The Yellow Wallpaper? can be misinterpreted without Jung?s explication of psychological types. Jung explains that the destiny of an individual is either conditioned by an object of interest or by one?s inner self. Carl Jung?s concept of introversion and extraversion helps us interpret ?The Yellow Wallpaper? by explaining the interaction of psychological types of the characters as being opposing,

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